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Donuts + Pastries

ezSOUR CONCENTRATE delivers natural slow fermentation flavor to no-time and short process doughs. ezSOUR CONCENTRATE gives yeast breads excellent flavor, better machinability, superior crust color, better crumb elasticity and improved slicing stability.

ezbake DONUT CONDITIONER II is an all natural donut conditioner for shelf life extension and fat reduction. This "label friendly" product enables up to 3% fat absorption reduction in cake donuts, yeast raised donuts and Honey Buns. ezbake DONUT CONDITIONER II extends the shelf-life several days naturally.

ezSOFT softener is a natural shelf life extender for breads, rolls, pastries, bagels, soft pretzels and other yeast based products.

ezbake SWEET DOUGH CONCENTRATE is a concentrate for the production of sweet dough and Danish pastry both fresh and frozen.


ezSOLLEN does not have a description as of right now. If you come back later, we will have more info. Or if you have further questions, feel free to fill out a form on the contact us page.

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